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Jet Boating New Zealand has commissioned Galloway Recreation Research Ltd to conduct a research project to determine the values that associate with recreational jet boating.

In simple terms, what are the qualities of jet boating that motivate us to get in our boats and journey our waterways, and what aspects of waterways do jet boaters prefer when getting out there?

Understanding these values is extremely important to JBNZ. It will help us to advocate for continued river access for recreational boating – something that is not a right, but a privilege we enjoy through a number of approvals and permissions obtained by JBNZ over many years. It will also help JBNZ to appreciate and deliver benefits to members.

The research project relies on jet boaters completing a questionnaire prepared by Galloway Recreation Research.  This information is critical to the research project, and we ask please for you to participate to improve the validity of the outcomes.

To recognise the time and effort you will put into completing the survey you will be able to enter a draw for one of the prizes from the $10,000 prize pool.

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There are a mountain of benefits in being a member of JBNZ. Its an organisation set up by jet boaters and run by jet boaters for the benefit of its members and others who gain the flow on benefit of the work we do in keeping New Zealand rivers open for use above 5 knots.


The Jet Boating New Zealand Heritage Trust was formed to help coordinate and support the efforts of all those interested in preserving the history of jet boating for future generations.

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We work hard to promote safety and enjoyment for all jet boaters and continue to uplift speed restrictions on rivers while lobbying to retain access for our members.


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