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Doug Qualtrough

Doug Qualtrough


Portfolio – Branch Development Joined Northern Districts approximately 15 years ago and served as Chairman for 2008/09. Joined National Executive five years ago seeing a need to better represent North Island boaters.


Te Aroha – married to Kate with six adult children, Asheka, Harley, Jenna, Bobby, Toni, and Teresa…and there’s grandchildren Jordan and Celine in Australia and Finlay ,Pia,  Sumer  , Eva and Zoe back in NZ

First Boat:

Hamilton Jet 25, 305 Chev V8 and, believe it or not, a single stage Colorado. A two stage followed, but didn’t help much!

Current Boat:

18’6” Kwikkraft mono – 355 Chev pushing a Berkeley pump. 11’ Scott – turbo Subaru and Scott 7” two stage.

About Doug:

Growing up on a farm equipped Doug well for contracting, building and even the odd bread run. That eventually led to specializing in contracting and earth moving. He’s keen socially with his mates and enjoys Jet Boating right across the board, be it on a club run or a race. Has enjoyed two trips to North America following the Kiwis in the world championships.


The need for access to our rivers is a passion equally matched to Doug’s interest in Jet Boating. Without the upliftings, there would be no boating…. And that would definitely kill the passion!