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Garth McMaster


Immediate Past President
Insurance / Rivers Liaison
Originally joined Southland branch in 1979, took a break for five years to establish his business before rejoining. Has been a Southland Committee member for the last 17yrs.
National Executive member for past eight years Trustee of the recently formed Jet Boating Historical trust.


Winton married to Leanne – four children, Luke (11) Abbey (18),
Georgia (21), and Ben (24)
First Boat:
Steel Aitcheson – 3.8 Ford V6 and 752 unit

Current Boat:

2010 Mackraft 4.8 VK5.6 Nissan V8 and Hamilton 212
2010 Eagle race Boat – Turbocharged 3.4 litre Supra and
American Turbine

About Garth:

Worked in engineering for ten years before establishing McMaster Engineering.
First exposure to Jet Boats was working for Kevin Aitcheson after school.
Enjoys fishing and hunting, especially in Fiordland. Garth has successfully been involved in all aspects of Jet Boating including racing, sprinting and local branch competitions. His dream was always to race a Jet Boat and has successfully competed in national and international marathons with several class
wins (including B Class in the 2001 Worlds). Lowlights – twice bridesmaid overall and at least a couple of thirds!


With jets in his blood Garth is passionate about sharing his love for boating with everyone and sees his role as continuing to guide JBNZ members through the Executive as a natural progression in his sport.