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How JBNZ Works

How Your Association Works


The National Executive Committee comprises the following roles:
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Contracts
  • Magazine
  • Website
  • Safety
  • Membership Development
  • Branch Development
  • Communications & Media
  • Racing
  • Safety/Yearbook
  • Rivers Liaison
  • Jet Sprinting
  • Australian Jet Boating

Here are the current elected committee members.


Northern Districts (1971)
Taranaki (1976)
Central Districts (1971)
Nelson/Marlborough (1971)
West Coast (1969)
Canterbury (1968)
Waitaki (1973)
Otago (1968)
Southland (1966)


JBNZ Inc. is a nation-wide organisation. The job of the National President is to co-ordinate the actions of the national executive who comprise President, Vice President, Secretary, six members voted into posts from multiple candidates and the Chairmen of each of the nine geographic branches and NZJBRRA President. The NZJBRRA Inc (NZ Jet Boat River Racing Assn.) is a nationwide organisation. The JBNZ recognise NZJBRRA as being in charge of the administration and running of jet boat racing in New Zealand. This is done in conjunction with the National Executive Competition Sub Committee. Membership of NZJBRRA is available to any JBNZ member.


A member belongs to the NZJBA through his geographic branch. Any member who has paid his current dues is entitled to participate in competitive and administrative affairs of branch or association subject to the licensing requirement of the particular event. Family membership carries entitlement to the full privileges of the Association including the right to vote on issues.


Business which any member may wish to introduce should originate in his home branch, from whence it is distributed through the national secretary and executive to all branches for consideration. In any event formal notice of motion must be given by January 20 to the National Secretary for final approval by all branches at their annual meetings during February/March/April and be published for membership voting with the distribution of May “Jet Boating”.


The elected National Executive meets monthly, is augmented at the half-year by the branch chairmen and attended by all members willing at the annual general meeting. At all times branch chairmen are invited to appoint a deputy (to give the best representation at the monthly meetings).


Branches levy their members. They are collected by the national secretary. All monies held by branches belongs to the Association but each branch conducts its own day to day finances and accounts annually with audited statements provided to the national treasurer.


Branch rules must be approved by the National Executive. Rules affecting safety are implemented immediately on adoption. Racing rules are developed and administered by NZJBRRA.


Noise regulations apply to the whole membership, are created by the National Executive and monitored at competition events by stewards and branch noise officers.