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Outline of the Research Program


Recreational Values of New Zealand Jet Boaters

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The recreational Research Programme is an exercise that Galloway Recreation Research Ltd is undertaking for JBNZ. The essence of the Programme is to determine the values that associate with recreational jet boating – the “things” that excite, stimulate and encourage us to get in our boats and journey our waterways.

The Program, once completed, will benefit JBNZ on a number of fronts.

  1. It will assist JBNZ when we engage in the regulatory planning processes. We are in for a sustained period of engagement in District Plan Reviews, requiring sustained hard work to maintain recreational jet boat activities on rivers. We will struggle to do so if all we can say anecdotally is that “we enjoy what we have done for the last 50 or so years and it’s really important to us to continue to do so”. And such and such a river is really “special” to us.Other river users and organisations with interests in rivers already bring credible, structured and rational perspectives that align with their views and outcomes, and if JBNZ fails to do so it will be difficult to advocate for our views and outcomes with an expectation we will be listened to and enjoy some success.
  2. As an extension to this, JBNZ needs to maintain strong and structured relationships with other river users and organisations. Ongoing consultation amongst these groups is fundamental to maintaining use and enjoyment of waterways by all. To do this properly involves all organisations bringing their views and perspectives to the discussion table and being able to support the same with credibility and reason. If JBNZ does so we will be in a better position to be heard and be seen as a significant interest group that is important to have at the discussion table.
  3. It will help JBNZ to understand its own membership in terms of the values that they have. This in turn will enable the organisation to confidently look forward, and plan how it can best achieve its objectives in a way that align with the members.
  4. It should also assist JBNZ with promotion of the organisation to current non-members and future members. If we know of member values and priority of the same, it should form a basis for initiatives that will attract members, and a wider more representative group will hold and even greater strength.

Important elements of the Program are as follows,

  • It will be undertaken by a suitably qualified organisation with experience and expertise in research programs.
  • It will be completed independent of JBNZ.
  • The Program will provide reliable and valid data from which information can be drawn and analysed.
  • The outcomes of the Program will withstand scrutiny by others.

Galloway Recreation Research Ltd aligns with these elements, and they have completed similar research programs relating to recreational activities on waterways over a number of years.

A critical aspect of the Program is participation by jet boaters. The Program must have feedback on the values that boaters look for when they undertake recreational jet boating. The more feedback, the more complete the analysis and the stronger the outcomes.

The Program is designed to extract these values comments from jet boaters via the nature and composition of the questionnaire. The questions have been thoughtfully prepared to do this, and we urge you to spend some time and make the effort to answer all of the question in an equally thoughtful manner.

The questionnaire, and the subsequent analysis process, has also been designed to link into the JBNZ rivers information. This is important as it will enable us to not only better understand the values side of things, but also to appreciate how specific waterways may deliver the circumstances that will align with these values.

Conditions For Claiming or Receiving Prizes


Survey responses will be held securely by Galloway Recreation Research Ltd. Once the prize draw has been completed identifying data of responses will be removed by Galloway Recreation Research Ltd. Jet Boating New Zealand will not receive identifying data of individual responses.

Entering the Prize Draw

To be eligible for the prize draw respondents must “opt in” to the draw by indicating their inclusion at the end of the survey and providing contact information. By participating in the prize draw respondents agree to their name, photograph and other information being published by JBNZ. If JBNZ is unable to contact a prize winner after three attempts, the prize is forfeited and another draw for the prize will be made. A respondent can enter the prize draw once; multiple entries will result in disqualification for the prize draw.

Members of the Jet Boating New Zealand Management Committee or the Senior Rivers Group are not eligible to enter the prize draw.

The Prizes on offer are:

Major Prizes

There are two major prizes to be won. The winner of a major prize has the choice of one of:

Air NZ Luxury Mystery Break for two plus $1,500.00 cash. The package includes three nights 4-5 star accommodation, rental car and airfares. To the total value of $3,000.00

Maui 5 Day Motorhome Holiday plus $1,000.00 cash to the total value of $3,000.00.

Hunting and Fishing Camping Package to the total value of $3,000.00

Air NZ Mystery Break

JBNZ will provide the winner with a voucher from Air New Zealand for the Mystery Break package. The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. The prize winner is responsible for making the booking with Air New Zealand, in terms of the Air New Zealand conditions for this product. Once a booking has been made the winner must provide evidence of the booking to JBNZ along with a nominated bank account number. On receipt of this information JBNZ will transfer the $1,500.00 cash component of the prize to the nominated bank account

Maui 5 Day Motorhome Holiday

JBNZ will provide the winner with a voucher from Maui for the Motorhome package. The voucher is valid for one year from the date of issue. The motorhome will be a four-berth premium vehicle. The Maui Inclusive Pack, including insurance plus other extras is part of the package. Fuel, return fees, road user charges, additional rental days, other vehicle operating costs and insurance claim excess are the responsibility of the prize winner. The prize winner is responsible for making the booking with Maui, in terms of the Maui conditions for this product. A current and full motor vehicle driver’s licence is required and must be produced upon vehicle collection. Once a booking has been made the winner must provide evidence of the booking to JBNZ along with a nominated bank account number. On receipt of this information JBNZ will transfer the $1,000.00 cash component of the prize to the nominated bank account.

Pick-up and drop-off of the Motorhome will be from Auckland, Christchurch, or Queenstown Maui depots.

Hunting and Fishing Camping Package

The package items as displayed are a suggestion only. The prize winner may choose alternative products from Hunting and Fishing up to the retail value of $3,000. Goods chosen must be collected by the prize winner from a Hunting and Fishing store or delivery arranged by the prize winner at their cost.

Other Prizes

Other prizes will be allocated to prize winners in the order in which the prize winners names are drawn. There is no right for the prize winner to request an alternative prize.

1 x Paid Up Membership of JBNZ - $1,700

1 x PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) - $485

1 x Weber Baby Q - $450

1 x Hand Held VHF Radio GME800 - $300

1 x Powerall 600 amp Jump pack - $250

1 x Pair of PFDs (Collared Life Jackets) - $250

2 x Annual Subscriptions to JBNZ - $150 each

Spot Prizes

10 items of JBNZ branded clothing or other items, including 2 x Jackets, 5 x Cap and Beanie sets and 5 x Picnic Blankets.

Prizes will be randomly drawn by a representative of Galloway Recreation Research Ltd, under independent supervision.