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Site Information – a web site dedicated to the jet boating enthusiast.The site began in 1998 as an information base for jet boating with photographs, video clips, and articles. It was located on a free hosting site in America, which had troubles and was shutdown about one year after the site started. The choice was made to buy a domain name and set up on a more secure hosting facility. A web board was added and since then the growth of visitor numbers has been grown almost exponentially and the website has established itself as one of the main jetboating information sources on the planet!

In 2009 the website was purchased by Jet Boating New Zealand which has been fostering jetboating in New Zealand since 1962.

Below is a message from David Street (Report as presented to 2009 AGM)

Negotiations with Clark Marshall for the purchase of his “nzjetboating” , and his work to then amalgamate and maintain this and the JBNZ website have been finalised, Heads of Agreement signed and the initial deposit paid.

The agreement requires that the new combined site be up and running by 1/8/09. Work has already started and it will include a new “classic boat” register as requested at last meeting. We have no shortage of ideas and with Clarks enthusiasm this new site will be a winner. Branches will retain access to update branch events or they may simply e-mail them to Clark and he will ensure they are promptly loaded. Branches should continue to load their own last minute postponements and cancellations.

Wearing a 2nd hat, that of Finance Portfolio, I believe that within 2 years this website should be producing a small surplus for our benefit. More importantly I believe it imperative that we use this website to further promote JBNZ and to encourage new members. I believe our current small deficit for the year ahead would be best offset not by an increase in fees but by spreading our increasing costs over larger membership base. Prior to the current international economic crisis we had experienced 5+ boom years in New Zealand evidenced by more boats on our rivers, many new boats being produced and a large number of flash 4WD tow vehicles yet we’ve failed to capitalise on this – we’ve failed to increase our membership.

A key of advantage of the new site is that much of the material to keep it alive, current and informative is supplied by users – “show us your best stuck”, projects, technical help, river conditions, impromptu runs etc all just keeps coming through – we won’t be relying on just a few to contribute as we’ve had to in the past.
The new website is our opportunity to show the world what JBNZ has to offer – the family runs, driver training, rallys, racing, sprinting, campouts, the the great outdoors, the rivers, and the camaraderie which will only be complete when viewers realise that what JBNZ has to offer isn’t a virtual online experience but a real experience that titillates our senses – sight, sound, feel and taste (that’s the bugs in your mouth or the bourbon as we socialise once off the river) – the real out in the weather down on the river wind in your hair buzz.

And wearing my 3rd hat, that of the Magazine Portfolio, the web should help provide a steady stream of articles for the magazine and read in that little room where we often retreat to but wouldn’t dare take our lap top.

rulebookWhile it would have undoubtedly been possible to have commissioned a new website from scratch it must not be overlooked that the nzjetboating website already contains most elements that we would wish to add to our own site and, most importantly, it already has a significant following worldwide. Is this the “Jet Boat International” as foreseen by Guy Mannering in the 1970’s (see this month’s magazine for his reprinted article).

David Street

Information contained on this site can also be located in the JBNZ Year Book. Every effort has been made to be accurate. Please notify the secretary of shortcomings you notice.