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Title: Monthly meeting for any/all West Coast Jetboaters
Post by: Clark on September 24, 2009, 16:06:01 PM
First Thursday of Every Month (excl Jan) at Whitmores 27 Wainui St Dobson 7.30pm 03 762 5601

With such a large area of land and many boatable rivers, it will take a bit of time to write an article about each of them. Hopefully we can entice you here with just a small photo selection and information on some of our rivers that are boatable from time to time when the conditions are favorable.

Local knowledge does help from time to time when things do go wrong i.e.. the best places to retrieve a damaged boat, from the middle of nowhere. So don't be afraid to ask for assistance from our local members, you never know they may also come along with you and show off some of the hidden gems other wised missed.

Often there are logs across the streams and some rivers that need respect. Otherwise damage to jet units when coming off the log or hull damage with too much speed on approach, sinking because of indecisiveness of approach or not enough speed to carry you over (boat rides up, back sinks down and fills with water) especially down stream.

Some rivers boarder farming land and sometimes wire are strung across normally shallow low creaks to stop stock from straying. Weed can pose problems with loss of power thus lack of steering in tight shallow creeks. Also if you stop a weed rake is essential, if you have any chance of reaching plaining speed again so as to proceed any further without pushing.