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Title: Navigational Hazard - Rangitata River
Post by: jbnz on March 05, 2020, 10:07:11 AM
Transpower have advised that damage occurred to their assets during the Rangitata flooding event on December 10 last year.  Transpower suffered damage to one of its circuits with multiple pylons being damaged.  One pylon and its foundations were situated in the river and was washed away completely.  While they were able to locate the pylon approx. 60 metres downstream from its original position, they have been unable to locate the foundation that it was attached to.  The foundation consisted of a reinforced concrete ring around the base of the pylon, with 4 x 20m deep piles into the riverbed.  They expect that the concrete ring foundation has been sheared off from the piles and then broken into smaller pieces and washed away.

Please take extra care around where the pylon was located.  See the attached photo showing the location.