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Buy and Sell Section Guidelines


This section is for anyone who has other items for sale or is looking for something to buy.

Feel free to ask the seller any questions related to the item for sale, any off topic posts will be removed / edited.

When something is sold please put SOLD on the thread or change the topic heading with SOLD.

Let the Admin know if you think something should be removed or moved to the correct section.

Here is an extract from terms and conditions regarding the use of this section:

>Buy and Sell Section

The Buy and Sell section is offered free to members selling SECOND HAND goods privately. This section operates under a "fair use" policy. Examples of unfair use would be advertising excessive amounts of items for sale (as a rough guideline one item per fortnight is deemed fair, also a member who lists items without contributing to the community in other forms (i.e: technical advice, trip reports etc) would be deemed unfair and items are likely to be removed.

Second Hand goods are defined as goods that have been used for a period of time. Goods in original packaging or "As New" are not permitted.

The vehicles and other products offered for sale here by individuals are not covered by any warranties, real or implied, of, or any other related companies or individuals.

The buyer should seek any such proof or warranties they feel necessary from the sellers, including proof of ownership of such vehicles or products. or any related companies or individuals accept no responsibility or liability for misleading or incorrect information supplied by advertisers.

Sponsors are the ONLY users permitted to list/sell BRAND NEW items in the buy and sell section.

We feel this is common courtesy. If in any doubt, please e-mail The Moderators.

If interested in forum sponsorship, please e-mail [email protected]


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