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Ducati or jet boat

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 B))T I'm having a crisis. I love my motorbike, but I really want a jet boat. If anyone is interested in a sexy Ducati monster S4, 2001 model, fuel injected 916 motor, meticulously maintained, never been dropped, serviced ever 5000km, has less than 20,000km & plenty of aftermarket bits, custom carbon fibre mufflers, grey Senna model with red wheels. Sounds amazing, goes beautifully. Asking $8000 ono, will swap for the right jet boat.

Ha ha! i have the same bike but 2002 and carbon colour! and a boat! keep it! and get a Boat! then you have the best of both worlds

That's easy to say, easier than convincing the treasurer. Haven't been using my bike lately. Could still ride hers if I sold mine, when she's not looking...

Then its easy, sell bike, buy boat and use her bike when the desire strikes

Thanks, likely how it will be. Not sure what to get though. Grew up with jet boats & like the comme/2 stage set ups, but wanted to do a jet ski set up since I was a teen. Can produce an alloy hull at work no worries and get a complete donor boat for the same price as a ski. Anyone got a comparison of maintenance between a jet ski pump vs Colorado 2 stage ?


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