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4x 15" BMW wheels & tyres

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4x 15" BMW wheels and tyres.

Rim size is 7Jx15H2.
Includes 4x centre caps (1 missing logo - but they're only a few $$).
Mount pattern is 5x120mm.

Tyres are 225/60R15.
2x Bridgestone Potenza.
1x Pirelli P600
1x GT Radial Champiro.
All tyres are borderline for a WOF.

You got some new rims on your BMW ?

Naah, still have the Rangie. Just looking to clear them. They'd be great for a trailer set.

are they FREE paul?  --< .   ;)


--- Quote from: Matthewf/Norbert/TuiDog on May 21, 2018, 22:17:03 PM ---are they FREE paul?  --< .   ;)

--- End quote ---

$50 would do it. I can get that in scrap value, but it seems criminal to scrap something that's perfectly fine.


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