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Hi Guys,Ihave decided to sell my kellowcraft highlander as it is not being used.Boat is in excellent condition and has done about 160hrs from memory.Boats sits on a tandum axle alloy trailer with mags and tires are as new.Powered by 5.7 chev and all the other gear you would expect in a boat of this quality.Unit is a sd309 and is in exellent condition also.Boat has a gps fitted and it is a genuine 70 mile an hour boat.not that i drive it at that speed.very little river  boating,i have only used it on the lake dragging the kids around.As stated  above this boat is in as new condition Boat is also completly covered by a purpose made cover down to the water line Boat is as built from the factory.wanting 50k for the boat.Will get some photoes up as soon as i can.cheers


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