In 1962 with a foundation membership of 58 owners, the New Zealand Jet Boat Association was formed. While the associations' objectives and name has evolved over the years the underlying foundation and desire to provide for all Jet Boaters remains unchanged.

Going jet boating on waterways throughout New Zealand requires a great deal of time and expense to work through the regulatory environment. However, with the annual membership fee and growing membership, JBNZ can gather this information and advocate for its members to ensure speed uplifting's are gained and/or maintained. By becoming a member of JBNZ, you will receive a comprehensive list of rivers that can be boated on in New Zealand

The association's executive committee provides support for these activities, allowing the branch committees to focus on organizing their branch events and meeting the needs of their members.

JBNZ places safety as a top priority and is proud of the high standards that its members adhere to. The association equips its branches with essential tools to assist members in safety tips and training. Additionally, members can participate in branch activities that allow them to develop their skills in a controlled environment with a mixture of new and experienced members who can offer help and support.

JBNZ is a well-established organization that focuses on recreational boating. We have a competent executive team that is committed to upholding strong objectives and advocating for our members. Our primary goal is not only to increase our membership but also to promote safe recreational jet boating and being part of an inclusive jet boat community.

JBNZ is dedicated to fostering a community of safe jet boaters while keeping our waterways open for jet boating adventures that exceed 5 knots.

Membership is open to any interested person over the age of 16 years and also to "Family Members" (wife, husband, partner or child under 21 years of age). You can join JBNZ at any time by following this link