David Street

Current Offices Held:

Management Committee - Finance , Contracts and Constitution.

Previous Offices Held:

National President
JBNZ Heritage Trust Trustee
Canterbury Branch Chair
Cantberury Branch Committee


2019 National Service Award - Administration
2023 National Service Award - Heritage Trust


Christchurch engaged to Jane who is also actively involved in Jet Boating.

First Boat:

Jet 30 Mk II – Holden 202 with 752 unit

Current Boat:

Westlander 3850 with GM LDK 2.0l turbo engine driving Southern Jet 2 stage

About David:

After 30 years in the banking industry David now uses his management skills in Finesse Joinery, a business he purchased in 2011 that custom builds kitchens and wardrobes. He enjoys all forms of motorsport, classic cars (traded his TVR sports car on a CNC machine for the business!) and muscle cars (owns a half share in a 2007 supercharged Stillen Mustang GT with brother Bruce). Has successfully participated in all aspects of Jet Boating, including racing, sprinting and branch competitions. Has also been a member of four World Jet Boat Expeditions.


Passionate about making recreational Jet Boating accessible for everyone through the JBNZ membership, and introducing non-Jet Boaters to the beauty of parts of our country often otherwise inaccessible.