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Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting

This incident reporting form is for JBNZ members to complete and return to the Executive Officer of JBNZ. These reports are solely for the use of the JBNZ Safety Officer, to advise our membership of actions to take, to ensure that whatever caused the incident does not occur again, particularly in regard to mechanical failures.


Jet boating gets blamed for a number of accidents around New Zealand when in fact it could be a jet ski or a powerboat incident. It is important that we receive good information early so that we can seek retractions from the media when we are not to blame, or when it wasn’t a jet boat.

Please do not talk to media about any incident that could later become an investigation by MNZ or by a regional or local authority. This has recently happened and two members are being prosecuted by a regional authority almost a year after the incident occurred.

Be aware that there is a legal requirement to report to Maritime New Zealand under the Maritime Transport Act, any mishap that results in serious harm to any person (Section 31, MTA 1994), as soon as practically possible. Please note that every person who fails without reasonable excuse, to comply with this section, commits an offence and is liable to a fine not exceeding $10,000. Under section 57 of the Act, the Director of MNZ may request that his staff investigate the accident or mishap.

We suggest that JBNZ members familiarise themselves with MNZ website and their accident reporting forms.

Also note that all members have the right to consult with the JBNZ Safety Officer or their solicitor prior to reporting to MNZ.

The information contained in this form will stay confidential and will not be released from JBNZ. JBNZ will use this information for statistic purposes only and your name will not appear in any publications from the information supplied on this form. Thank you for helping the JBNZ help others in the prevention of incidents.

Incident Reporting

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