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Benefits of Joining JBNZ

There are a mountain of benefits in being a member of JBNZ. Its an organisation set up by jet boaters and run by jet boaters for the benefit of its members and others who gain the flow on benefit of the work we do in keeping New Zealand rivers open for use above 5 knots.


Remember it’s not a right, it’s a privilege and JBNZ is continually working to maintain that access for everyone so without your membership, that task is made even harder and falls on less shoulders.

Aside that, you’ll get:

  • One of the best magazines of its type four timers a year, packed with info about jet boating and experiences representing all aspects of jet boating around the country.
  • Basic driver training to make sure your experience as a jet boater is enhanced
  • Access to the full benefits of our JBNZ Live app providing vital rivers information
  • Member Discounts through the McKeown Fuel card and Cook Strait ferries
  • Boat identification recognised around the country by all authorities
  • Annual Handbook packed with important information about Jet Boating & Safety
  • Access to family river outings and other jet boating events with like minded people


JBNZ Membership Conditions:

1. Membership is open to any interested person over the age of 16 years and also to "Family Members" who can be: wife, husband, partner or child under 21 years of age.

2. The Subscription of a "Family Member' shall be guaranteed by the full member concerned, and shall receive the full privileges of Jet Boating NZ with the exception of mailings which will not be made to the "Family Member". Upon reaching the age of 21 years, the "Family Member" should transfer to full membership

3. As a member of JBNZ you agree to our Privacy Statement, which allows Jet Boating NZ to publish your personal particulars in the membership list.  You can read the Privacy Statement here

4. You agree to pay, upon acceptance of your membership, the portion of my annual subscription due on a pro rata basis (Membership is due on the 1st September annually)

5. Upon acceptance of your membership you agree to pay the fee for the first year (or part there of) the sum of:

  • Annual Subscription $ 165.00 - this will take your membership through to 31 August 2024.  (During the subscription year this amount is pro-rated for the number of months remaining in the year.)
  • Paid Up Membership $1,850.00 - this is a once only subscription for life
  • Family Members - Free

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