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Paul Mullan


Immediate Past President

National President – 2016-2019

Portfolios – Magazine / Website / Media & Communications / Jetsprinting / Australian Jet Boating
Joined 1979 – Otago Branch Secretary (1979-82) and later Canterbury Committee (1983-85) after moving to Christchurch. Spent nearly three decades in Sydney but remainded a member of JBNZ throughout and continued to boat regulalry in New Zealand


Split between Sydney and Lake Hood.  Married to Robyn with two adult daughters - Zara and Emma

First Boat:

Sniffy Consul 1340 with single stage Jetcraft unit

Current Boats:

1987 Fibreglass Carrera 18ft ski boat worked 350 Chev and 773 (OZ)
1962 Jet 20 Cortina 1600 Colorado Junior – ex Bill Hamilton (NZ)
1965 – Jet 30 – Falcon 170 – Colorado Junior – ex Duke Dixon (NZ)
1970s – Jet 73 – 308 Holden and 753 (NZ)

2000 – Hamilton 152A – 302 – 773 unit (NZ)

2016 – Airbalde 510 Airboat – 412 ci Chev

About Paul:

Owns and operates a small TV Production Company, specialising in Motorsport in Australia and New Zealand. Loves muscle cars, especially the blue oval. Ongoing 20 yr project (’69 Mach 1) and a couple of late model ex Steve Millen supercharged Mustangs.
Enjoys a cross section of jet boating including Marathon Racing (competed in ‘82 worlds in Mexico and ‘83 in NZ) and jetsprinting in New Zealand and Australia in mid 1980s.
Co-founder of World Series Jetsprinting. Produced Hamilton Jet documentary on the first 50 years of the jet boat and six programs on World Jet Boat Expedition’s journeys to the Himalayas, South America, Mongolia, Alaska and Australia.


Passionate about preserving the history of jet boats and ensuring all members have access to information that will provide them with a better jet boating and JBNZ experience.