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Steve Kirner


Portfolio – National Safety Officer
Joined 1976 – Various stints on Canty and Race committees, served for the past decade or so on Canterbury Branch and is the immediate past Chairman, and still on committee. Also served on the Nelson Branch committee, Inaugural Competition Branch Sec/Treasurer, and second Chairman. Vice President of JBNZ 2016 - 2019.


Lives north of Christchurch with wife of 40 years Heather, in one of their own Natural Habitat Homes and has three grown up kids, Brad, Luke and Emma

First Boat:

Lancer with Leyland P76 V8 and Hamilton 753 unit

Current Boat:

A very old Kauri jet that is slowly being restored… and a Kwik Kraft Adventurer, 347 Ford, and Kodiak unit.

Favourite Boat (shouldn’t have sold it!):

#3 Rivercraft 4.6, 302 Windsor V8 and Hamilton 773 its blue and white, I want it back if you see it.

About Steve:

Owns and operates Natural Habitat Homes NZ Ltd importing natural timber and log homes from the USA and working harder than he has in his life. Proud to have helped change attitudes toward tunnel hulls, successfully racing them in the 1980s. Kwik kraft tunnel, 351 Cleveland V8 and Berkeley unit won 11 from 11 races and set records across NZ. NZ Marathon class winner and second overall 1985. Dedicated enormous time over the last five years developing a training regime and driver Training manual to help new and old Jet Boaters come to terms with their Jet Boats.


I guess I’m a jet boating addict for life, it’s a good job Heather is too, she boats with me winter and summer, rain, hail, and shine and on more than one occasion. She shares a love of the back country, Salmon fishing, and camping with me, she has also been right there organising National Rally’s, social evenings, and JBNZ Anniversary parties, I suppose after 40 years of marriage/jet boating together we make a pretty good team. I also hunt from our boat any chance I can get. I am especially proud of the way JBNZ is evolving, and becoming a recognised and respected organisation by the various authority’s we now have regular dealings with. JBNZ is now a recognised authority on Jet Boating matters.

People that enthused and inspired Steve are racing legends like John Watson, John Heslop, Howard Smith, Allan Bull and Mark Cromie. Steve is totally addicted to Jet Boating and especially enjoys introducing new members to the various aspects of a great family sport, that was invented right here in Gods own, and passing on safe Jet Boating practices. “There is no better pleasure than the smile on their face when everything ‘clicks’ into place for a new boater.