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Title: Surge tank
Post by: V6 on March 30, 2013, 23:10:18 PM
I'v had the odd problem of fuel starvation on hard cornering etc so going to fit a surge tank to see if that helps. However I will need to fit a low pressure "lift" pump from main tanks to feed the surge tank.
Can anyone recconmend what capacity lift pump I will need? It's to feed the EFI pump on a 3.8 Buick / VS Commie and will be assisted by the fuel rail return plumped back to the surge tank.
Title: Re: Surge tank
Post by: V6 on January 27, 2014, 23:02:01 PM
Old topic but bit of an update.
Fitted a Facet lift pump at main fuel filter / water separator, but instead of feeding a surge tank, it pushes petrol direct into fuel line to EFI pump, which is the length of the motor away.
Seems to work well with none of the surging I had before and EFI pump should do it's job easier. Plus even if the facet stops, it acts as a one way valve that the EFI pump can still draw fuel through.
That's the theory anyway.