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Title: Fixing bisaloy onto fibreglass
Post by: dford on August 15, 2015, 20:06:39 PM
Hi I have a bisaloy plate from a donor hull. Do I have to fibreglass it at the edges or just bolt down with a sealer in the bolt holes?
Or do II grind off the hell coat so it fits flush? Or bolt it on top?
Title: Re: Fixing bisaloy onto fibreglass
Post by: Rich on August 18, 2015, 11:42:07 AM
Metal and Fibre glass are not often a good combination as steel moves with thermal expansion and contraction where as glass doesn't.

The Gel coat on you hull is only 1-3mm thick and is really hard to replace later. The fibre glass underneath it is also not UV stable so I see no gain from removing it.

Through bolting it will cause leaks, Bisaloy will create a layer of rust over it's surface and over time this will make its way under the best sealant and start leaking. This may take some time however with time and movement it will start to leak.

I would recommend you find a sheet of plastic as per the alloy boats. This will provide protection and flex with the glass hull, would most likely be lighter too.