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Title: Published Jet boat History
Post by: Ed Wicken on April 21, 2019, 22:46:23 PM
Hey All, I thought it might be good to kick off this new JBNZ Heritage Trust category section with a list of published books covering many aspects of our rich and fascinating jet boating history.

White Water written by Joyce Hamilton, the story of the legendary 1960 Colorado Jet Boat Expedition, published 1963.  A 50th anniversary edition was produced and published in 2010 with many additional colour photos

Wild Irishman written by Peggy Hamilton, The story of Sir William (Bill) Hamilton, New Zealand Farmer, inventor, Engineer, and Jet boat Pioneer, published 1969

The Jet Boat-The making of a New Zealand Legend written by Les and Anne Bloxham, tells the jet boat story from start to early 1980s
with a second edition published including jet sprinting, first published 1981

Ocean to Sky written by Sir Edmund Hillary, The story of the epic jet boat adventure and journey up the Ganges River India, in Jet52s in 1977, published 1979

Water Blasters-Jet Sprinting the first 25 years by Russel Harris, published 2006

Guy- The Adventures of NZ Photographer and Pioneer Jet boater Guy Mannering, written from his dairies by Margie Mannering and Nikki Latham, published 2013

Hamilton's Jet-The Biography of an Icon, written by John Walsh, tells the story of 75 years of CWF Hamilton & Co Ltd. published 2014

All of these books are written in a personable human interest story style, they are not technical books but rather tell the history of Jet boating and many of the characters involved.

They are on trademe from time to time and are a great read so look out for them, Hamilton's Jet and Guy are available new still I believe

Ed Wicken
JBNZ Heritage Trust Chairman

Title: Re: Published Jet boat History
Post by: rockstars on April 23, 2019, 18:50:34 PM
Great post, yes surprising what comes up on trademe from time to time.
Title: Re: Published Jet boat History
Post by: Paul on April 23, 2019, 20:12:09 PM
They're a great read Ed.  I have a second "White Water" I'd part with, if anyone is interested.