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Title: Mini charging system
Post by: leadpillproductions on June 17, 2021, 00:55:39 AM
Anyone have any suggestions on rigging up charging system , sounds like I can't fit a pulley system on to drive shaft, Wanted to rig up alternator ,
255 rotax engine . Any suggestions
Title: Re: Mini charging system
Post by: Jeff B on June 17, 2021, 05:56:40 AM
The rotax 255 has it's own charging system....
If you wanted to add additional external alternator unfortunately the rotax is probably the trickiest to do.
Title: Re: Mini charging system
Post by: Warwick Marflitt on June 18, 2021, 19:28:37 PM
One solution is to add a cell or two to a battery? Had a Mate who raced Motorbikes "Kanga" bless him he's not with us anymore. Any how what he did to reduce weight and gain HP was to remove the stator and made a lighter flywheel with no magnets, wiring and all charging system items removed....
     He then cut two cells of a motorbike battery and fiber glassed them to a standard battery making a 6 cell 12 volt bike battery into an 8 cell 16 volt battery! The spark was huge so he added extra fuel and more power ensued. He then set too and won races and passed tech inspections easy! See, the rules didn't say no 8 cell batteries or that you had to have a charging circuit on the bike. You should get 4 hrs boating from 16 volts and the starting will be cryptic... It'll start before it's been started??? Just an outside the norm solution with little more than linking the cells and Glassing them together....It might work for you....

OR you could make your own?  Mounting magnets on the driveshaft and fitting bobbin coils thru the alloy plate behind magnets, setting the stator coils to Magnets air gap. Then wiring them to a Bridge rectifier and voltage regulator to get DC 14.2volts at ??? amps depending on magnets number n strength stator coil windings resistance. A project inside a project. or adapt from a motorbike or outboard motor under flywheel type??