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Welding: Shielding gas options

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I'm Looking for info re welding shielding gases.

Found the following so far:

Does anyone have any other references, or local data?

what info do you want exactly ?

your question is a bit like someone asking for info on cars ...


--- Quote from: lachlan on July 13, 2012, 18:13:39 PM ---what info do you want exactly ?

--- End quote ---

Say for steel, ali and stainless, what's options are out there for welding gasses and which have what benefits/drawbacks/costs?

What would you use, given the choice and why?

What places can you get cylinders from (BOC/Supagas/etc)?  Would you go rental/customer-owned?  What sort of prices are people getting?

Alloy - Argon
Stainless - Argon
Steel - Usually 12% CO2 / Ar mix, or 100% CO2

Grab your ankles at BOC, unless you use a significant volume (read 20+ 'G' size cylinders per year). Supagas and Air Liquide both sell industrial gasses.

tim k:
depends what you want to weld, ali and stainless usually straight argon,
steel argon mix but can use co2, can work well with flux core but better if matched.
if you tell us what you have in mind then much easier to answer you question.


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