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Bamboozling lexus problem. Need help please l

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Ive replaced relays, wiggled all wireing. Checked all connections.  Checked all fuel lines
Runs fine under wot and accelerating. Only does it when you pull some gees (corner) left or right
Not a ecu powerfault as i had laptop pluged in to check this and dash stay illumited
Its a full cut out and then back on good as gold and is doing it on que. like will always do it on hard left or right turn

My thought is that the ryco filter water bowl thing is letting air in and this is getting picked up on hard turn, so i disasembled the filter and bowl and cleaned and reasembled and no change. Are the ryco water trap filter crap?

Theres got too be air getting in because my fuel pump shouldnt make those loosing prime noises.

Buggered if i know. Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated, surely someone has had this happen before. Thanks guys

Fuel pickup in the tank loose ? or too short letting it pick up air as the fuel slops around. No baffles in the tank? The tyco filters are fine I think, and I can't see how the filter would let air in only when turning. Mine certainly doesn't cause any trouble Sounds a bit strange  C""

Tank has 2 front too front too back baffles, and a 100mm x100mm sump on the bottom and a fuel diverter helps feed the sump and the pickup is from the bottom like the fuel line plums to the bottom from the outside. Tank is built by alexcraft and its a work of art so i dont think its that.

My next step is im gonna turn off the fuel tap at the bottom of the tank and connect air compressor to outlet of fuel filter and see if it leaks at all.

If you put a fuel pressure gauge on it the will eliminate the fuel system

Tru. So put guage in and watch it while someone else drives. Good idea


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