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Cooling issues on 4.1 falcon - 1st boat


Gday all, I'm having trouble getting my raw water cooling setup on 4.1 falcon engine in a boat just recently purchased. So the way its set up at the momentt is, it comes out of the unit thru a tap and into a header tank which was used in a heat exchanger set up but I'm just using it cause it fits. From there it goes thru the thermostat into engine around and out the water pump. Now I have a hose coming off the water pump with a T in it, one goes to exhaust manifold water injection and the other goes thru inlet manifold (not sure if that's actually nessesary or not?)  then out the back of the boat. So my problem is that it doesn't seem like much water is going to the manifold as it gets hot and melts the pipes for the water injection. So either I'm not getting enough flow/pressure out of the unit, the water pump is buggered and not pumping out enough water or I have the system plumbed up wrong. Does any one have a raw water cooled 4.1 with the pictures of it I could look at? I'm so keen to get it running g good! Thanks in advance,

Post a photo of what you have done , and tell us where you are.. Some one on the board may be able too help.

The water should flow through the water pump then out the thermostat to the exhaust.Have a look at your car engine if in doubt.

Firstly, the header tank for a heat exchange system is different in a couple of ways to a raw water system. It is designed to act as a mixer with cold unit water mixing with hot engine water. It also should have a screw cap instead of a pressure cap (unit pressure could exceed pressure cap). Be careful you don't use the heater inlet/outlet connections on pump as you could be working against the correct flow. Simply put, cold water into mixer tank, bulk flow to engine inlet at bottom, hot/waste water out other side of t/Stay or mixer to exhaust. Have fun.


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