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350 Chev Starter Issues!

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Hey guys. Got a 350 chev 2 piece rear main seal kind. Have a new road runner starter motor on it and it does not fully mesh with the flex plate. Engine has done this since I got it. Have changed the starter motor from a cheap one. Replaced the flex plate as the old starter chewed up the first one. The flex plate is 14inch 168 tooth and it looks like the pinion is about 5 6mm away from the flex plate. Iv tried shimming and did not change. Has anyone had problems like this before ?

Jimmy Jet:
Probably a dumb thing to say but do you definitely have the flexplate on the right way?

I seem to remember there two patterns of mount holes machined into the underside of the block: straight and staggered.  There's also two sizes of ring-gear (- different diameters and tooth-count).  It maybe you have a mis-matched combination of parts.

Thanks for the replies. Yes the fly wheel is on the correct way as I have tripled checked (rised bits facing trans) I have a staggered starter motor so was told 14inch 168 tooth flexi was correct.

I had the same issue with a roadrunner starter. I sent Back to them with all the measurements and they had to machine the mounting block and the starter nose to make it work, mine was around 8mm gap . After that it was sweet as. The nose of the starter should be around 100thou away from the flex plate face when it is resting therefore yours will need to be machined


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